For our English friends…

Welcome to the official website of Allo Quebec chapter FMCA.

While most of this site is in French, this page has been designed to provide information to English speaking FMCA members and friends of this chapter.

Our chapter has two regular rallies each year, usually held the first weekend in June and the third weekend in September. These are held at full service campgrounds with catered meals and many activities. We also organize other gatherings including participation in our FMCA Area Rally. English only FMCA members and their friends are always welcome to attend our rallies and other activities. Those who have in the past, found our members to be friendly and welcoming.

This page will provide information about upcoming activities with a link to the registration forms. The form provides contact information should you have any questions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.



From June 4 to June 7 2020, Allo Québec members and guests will gather at Domaine du Lac Cristal Campground for their first event of the 2020 season. Reserve the date and join us. Don’t forger to bring rose/pink or white clothing, or both. Rally......

Caravan to Thousand Islands Canada (in preparation) June 21th to June 28th 2020 Details and a registration form will be available in April 2020. Caravan to NEAR 2020, NY (in preparation) July 10 to July 13, 2020 Details and a registration form will be available......